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Avajar Blue LED Hydrating Cream

Hydrate your skin and protect yourself from moisture loss with Avajar's blue LED hydrating cream. Treat yourself with the same quality of skin care as provided by dermatologists. The ability of LED lights to rejuvenate and vitalize your dry skin has long been scientifically proven. Blue LED light, in particular, has the ability to energize collagen which lies beneath the surface layer of the skin. The hydrating cream itself includes ingredients such as copper peptide, aquaporin, and allantoin, among several other minor components.

It should be noted that all of Avajar's whitening creams are free from silicon base ingredients. The main product comes with a refill and a massage applicator that emits 465nm blue LED light. Contact us today to know more about hydrating creams and how it can help smoothen your complexion.

How to Use the Hydrating Cream

  • Take the required amount of cream and apply it over your face or body
  • Check the multi-care massage applicator and carefully placed it on the skin
  • Rub the cream gently for about 3-5 minutes
  • Clean the applicator after use

Who Should Buy Avajar’s Hydrating Cream

  • Those who want clean and clear skin
  • Those who suffer from itchy skin
  • Those who have dry skin
  • Those who have tried every other skincare product
  • Those who want healthier skin