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Avajar LED Skin Whitening Cream

Find your one stop solution to healthier skin with Avajar’s exciting range of the skin and face whitening cream in Dubai. Avajar LED Ring Whitening Cream works more or less like a personal dermatology treatment by reviving your skin’s collagen cells within three minutes of its use. The product aims to provide hydration, nutrition and whitening from within the skin. The LED Ring Cream comes in three colors – Blue, Red, and Yellow. They work by sending energy through ionophoresis and allows the matter to permeate through your skin. Micro current massage aids your skin’s elasticity, thus keeping it firm and radiant.

Most cosmetics in the market contains silicon, which ultimately clogs pores. Our creams do not contain silicon or artificial dyes, allowing your skin to breathe and glow. Wake up with a brighter nourished face with Avajar’s exclusive collection of LED whitening creams.

Our Range of Avajar Face Whitening Creams

Blue Hydrating Cream
This product helps to moisturize the skin and aids to improve the texture of the skin. It comes with a 465 nm Blue LED light.
Red Nourishing Cream
It consists of nourishing cream and a 640 nm Red LED light. Not only does it help to vitalize the skin, but it also helps to increase collagen elasticity.
Yellow Whitening Cream
The whitening cream protects and activates dormant melanin which lies beneath the skin. It comes with a 520nm Yellow LED light.

What are LED Ring Creams?

LED Facial therapy is a dermatological treatment that stimulates collagen and helps to treat acne. Avajar’s LED Ring Cream provides this experience from the comfort of your home.  The range consists of a Blue Hydrating cream, a Yellow whitening cream and a Red Nourishing cream. The cream’s ingredients are stimulated by the energy sent through the LED light to your skin. It helps to banish fine lines and provides a face whitening treatment from within.