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Avajar Yellow LED Whitening Cream

Lighten, lift, and illuminate your skin with Avajar’s Yellow LED Whitening Cream. Made of ingredients that target tone, texture, and vibrancy, the whitening cream uses LED facial therapy to vitalize the skin’s collagen and brighten your overall complexion. Unlike other products on the market, Avajar’s whitening cream does not contain any silicon-based ingredients; as such, no dirt or dead skin cells are trapped in your pores.

The primary ingredients used in Avajar’s Yellow LED Whitening Cream includes glutathione and Arbutin, both of which are known for whitening and aiding skin protection. Avajar only uses components that range between 1-3 on the EWD scale. The whitening cream would’ve received a green grade had they not used Grade 3 Tocopheryl Acetate. Tocopheryl Acetate contains Vitamin E, which is necessary to prevent oxidization and extend the retention period.

Avajar’s Yellow LED Whitening Cream is an excellent choice for those who wish to remove blemishes, lighten dark patches, and achieve a fairer overall skin tone. As the brand’s exclusive partner in the UAE, CPL Cosmetics is your single-channel source to buy Avajar whitening cream in Dubai.

How to Use a Whitening Cream

  • Open the packing and take out the whitening cream and LED applicator.
  • Gently pat the required amount onto the face or body.
  • Place the multi-care massage applicator onto the area where the cream has been applied.
  • Massage the cream gently for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Cleanse the applicator after use.

Who Should Buy Avajar’s Whitening Cream

The Yellow LED Whitening Cream is recommended for those who wish to have a bright, healthy skin free from any scars or marks. It can also prove useful for those who suffer from itchy or dry skin since the ingredients used are gentle and sensitive. For more information on Avajar’s range of skincare products in Dubai, contact our team today.