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Avajar V-Lifting Eye Mask

Avajar’s under eye mask offers an intensive eye care treatment that helps to nourish skin and minimize the signs of aging such as fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles. As you age, the skin surrounding the eye begins to lose its natural collagen and elastin, two substances that give the skin its natural glow. Unlike commonly seen stick-on eye patches, Avajar’s wrinkle removal mask is made from a unique fabric that contours to fit the under-eye shape and allows your skin to absorb the hydrating goodness. The eye mask also comes with a bottle of saturated essence that contains adenosine, a powerful ingredient that helps to soothe inflammation, redness, and puffiness around your eyes. CPL Cosmetics is Avajar’s exclusive distributor in the UAE, for information about the product contact us on +971-52-891-6127.

Skin TypeAll
Product TypeMasks
Recommended ForAnti-Aging & Wrinkles Removal
Tartaric Acid

Avajar’s Under Eye Mask Features

Wrinkle Remove Technology
As mentioned, the fabric used for this wrinkle removal mask is elastic in nature and as such, prevents ripping when used in the sensitive areas around the eye.
Fast Absorption & Adherence
The fabric used holds an extensive hydrogel retaining property, which helps it to stick onto the skin around the eye. You’ll never need to worry about the product coming off.
Wrinkle Care & Brightening
Adenosine, the primary ingredient used in the essence helps to smoothen out the wrinkles and help your skin to glow naturally.
Eye Brightening & Concentrated Elasticity
The product contains ingredients that brighten your facial skin, it also adds vitality and gives a fresh-faced look to your epidermis.

How to Use the V-Lifting Under Eye Mask

  • Open the pouch and remove the protective film.
  • Apply from the inner eye corner and stretch it along the area under the eye.
  • Make sure that you pull the end of the patch to the outer eye corner.
  • Remove the eye bag mask after 30 minutes of use.

Who Should Use These Eye Circle Masks

If you are someone whose worried about the wrinkles beneath your eyes, then Avajar’s eye circle masks are for you! The product also helps to hydrate and add vitality to the skin under the eyes. Avajar’s under eye masks do not cause any irritation and as such is an excellent choice for those who suffer from dry skin.